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These rules apply to ALL Forums on the discussion board. Anyone violating the rules is subject to dismissal. The meanings and interpretations of the rules are not debatable or disputable. If I or any moderator calls you out or warns you about an infraction any attempt to argue the point will result in immediate and unconditional dismissal.

  • Any language or use of explatives is not only permitted it is strongly encouraged, however any posts containing an abundance (greater than 60% of the post at the moderator's discretion) of explatives will be deleted, persistant and unprovoked occurences of this will result in the poster's dismissal.
  • The above rule DOES include the use of racial slurs, I absolutely refuse to punish people for their predjudices or pretend to assume that my own are somehow less because they don't involve races of people.
  • DO NOT attempt to contact me about a perceived infraction of the rules. I will police these forums as little as possible. I never claimed to be fair, and a post that might violate the rules may stay on just because I find it hilarious, if you disagree I strongly suggest you weep openly into your pillow and possibly contact your mommy and if you can stifle your sniffling long enough to tell her about the mean moderator she might console you or more likely ask "what's a moderator?"
  • Same as above with regards to women, midgets and all other minorities you could possibly conceive, all the ones you have failed to conceive yet still exist, and all the ones that may exist in the future that you may think to be an exception to this rule, make no mistake, they aren't.
  • Despite the above rules if i perceive any post to be deliberately offensive (i.e. "I dislike niggers because they are niggers and fully expect, and have neglected to produce sympathy for, all the niggers and nigger-lovers who are offended by aforestated comment about niggers and niggardry.") such posts anywhere other than the Pit will be removed with a warning and repeat offenders will be dismissed.
  • This forum is mainly to give me ideas about my art and writing and to provide advance critique of my work so that the final product will be the best possible work I can produce. In that spirit please keep the discussions centered around my work or at least on a creative line of reasoning. Remember to feed my ego, but not after midnight and keep it away from water.
  • Absolutely no directly attacking or insulting people on the Discussions forums and no long pointless rants except in the Pit.
  • Theological arguments are encouraged but ABSOLUTELY NO WITNESSING. If I even whiff any fanaticism on my boards you will have instantly fallen out of my good graces and that is very unwise to those who plan on remaining on this forum for long. Religionites aren't the only ones who can be insufferable atheist recruiting is just as despicable in my eyes and will earn you equal contempt from me. I'm not against your opinions but use logical arguments and proof stemming form established fact.
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