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Tir NanOg

Posted on January 14, 2012 at 12:10 PM

In eldritch fens on the ancient loams

Where ne’er a Christian footfall sounds

Past fey mists are the standing stones

Where the gods of old can yet be found


Here was I taken by magic and mists

By a fleeting fancy was I led astray

Here the ancient powers bend and twist

To the whimsy of the Fey


And once I reached that secret grot

Did meet with a raven haired youth

The blue dyes of old his visage besot

And his ancient eyes were pools of truth


Come child of Eyre and I will show thee

The lofty mysteries that herein dwell

The gods of old will doubtless know me

And of them there is much to tell


He took me by the hand and led me

To the solemn, secret stones

And when he got to where I could see

Began to tell me of the gods


Atho, who is king, here sits upon his throne

Who at ev’ry harvest dies and at winter is reborn


And a lady fair sat beside her lord and gently laid her hand

Softly upon his arm, and then I knew, here was lady Dan


Opposite him a terrible god at whom I trembling looked

And shudderingly I heard him say, there is Crom Cruach

And I beheld Ulster’s hound, a thousand men had he slain

A mighty man whose tales abound, the goodly Cu Culainn


And wise Nuada, silverlocks, who teaches magic to men

Wounded in battle where the fomorians claimed his hand


Sly Mannanan there sits, with spear and sword at arms

The sacred swine on which they sup are raised upon his farms


His father Llyr upon his left is master of the mighty seas

The swans are all his children, changed for a thousand springs


The men there are death, in the summer and in the cold

Arawn and Hafgan, and when one falls the other takes his hold


And presently we were discovered

And great Atho gave pause his speech

And as gently as to his lover

Beckoned us forth, and did beseech


Good Merlin, why dost thou hide

At the outskirts of our feast?

You and your companion may abide

And trade thine friendship for meat


So I and my guide did go

And revel amidst the gods of men

And song and wine and ale did flow

As freely as the rain


And bitterly I wept

When it was my time of leaving

And Merlin my guide close kept

And uttered a single warning


Take care, for your time here

Is measured by the fey

And liberally do they adhere

To the count of hours and days


So when you go forth be not afraid

Though much has doubtless changed

In the company of gods you have stayed

And from men are you now estranged


And he wrapped his cloak about me

And sent me on my way

And though the path was hard to see

I was not led astray


But how I balked on emerging

And how bitterly I feared

For from the time of my diverging

Had passed a hundred years


But soon I did forget

For not much was lost by me

And well I remember yet

Of the glorious godly feast.

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