Art of the Supernatural



Posted on January 14, 2012 at 11:10 PM

Today I saw a swallow skipping through the breeze

and I imagined a fairy where the swallow might have been


Today I saw a dog that was sleeping in the trees

and I imagined a dragon there, sleeping in the green


Today I saw a fish that leapt amid the stream

and I imagined it was a nymph that laughed in waters agleam


Everything that I see, I see as if in a dream

Now can you imagine the things that I have seen?


Today I saw a war that raged throughout the globe

and I imagined peace and neverending hope


Today I saw suffering on the face of every man

and I imagined happiness that spread throughout the land


Today I saw the face of death, it was terrible and grim

I imagined what it could be like if it was kind and peaceful instead


All these things I imagined and though they're fantasy I knew

Just imagine what it would be like if all these things were true


So you may laugh and call me a dreamer or a fool

you may think it naive for you to see the things that I see too


To see magic and peace where there is pollution and war

but I will dare to dream of all of this and more


So join me if you like, or not it's up to you

but whatever it is you choose, I will imagine that you do...


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