Art of the Supernatural

Live, Imagine, Create

Many people say that truth is stranger than fiction, I say those people aren't artists...

This is my work and my life and I invite you in freely,

tread carefully and don't lose your way.

Turn up your coat for it can get rather dreary,

but don't be surprised to find a few shining rays.


I know at first glance this world may seem strange,

but I'll be your guide so try to stay near.

Please mind your step and stay on the lane,

and prepare to explore a brand new frontier.

The Serenity Project

I have settled recently into quite a large undertaking. I want to build an actual flying airship, my goals are lofty, I know, but my vision is clear. If you have questions you can email me at ninja_raikou@hotmail.com or visit our facebook page, which isn't quite running yet so good luck on that. We are not, at this time, accepting donations as I haven't organized an account for the project yet but feel free to drop me a line if you feel the need or have pertinent questions or advice. I don't regularly check e-mail so if I don't get back to you...well I probably won't until the project gets going anyway, but feel free all the same.