Art of the Supernatural


A collection of writings that inspired or were inspired by art and artists

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Cad Goddeu-The First Sword: Calipyrnia

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   It is the year twenty of the reign of Emperor Julius Caesar and a small boy walks down stone-paved roads. Rome, a city cloaked in marble, passes lazily by. The boy carelessly kicks a ball of tightly bound twine in front of him; it hits the corner of a house and bounces down a narrow alley. He runs after it.

   The ball sits on a doorstep; the boy retrieves it and hears the light plucking of a lyre coming from within. The sweet melancholy tune compels him to enter ...

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The Secret Meeting

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From MAGI: book 4 Oroboros-chapter 12: The Specter at Newhaven. . .

This is no longer a part of the Magi Series, I have kept it up in honor of the creative process and because its content is still compelling to me...please enjoy it


Aderyn felt an inexplicable sense of foreboding upon entering Newhaven. The city lay like a great pale corpse unde...

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On Art in Human History

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Art is many things to many different people. To the west it is an expression of abstract thought or to preserve an image of beauty. The Japanese find meaning in the spaces between images and beauty in imperfection. Native Americans use art to tell a story. And artists create art to breathe life and ideas into the world.


Art was the first language of human kind. Its purpose is deeply embedded within our species' soul. It teaches us about the world of the past. It gives us g...

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