Art of the Supernatural


Chapter Two: Voodoo Moon

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**Joseph Mathias O’Connell**

Ambrose dripped iced water methodically onto the sugar cubes suspended over two glasses, "Blast it, Captain, can’t we just drink it?" Joseph finally blurted out after fifteen minutes of this ritual.

Ambrose lifted his eyes for a moment then went back to dripping the water, "Any halfwit can guzzle liquor, the preparation and consumption of absinthe is an art." He said, observing the...

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Chapter One: Serenity Rising

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**Captain Ambrose Bethal Trant II** Captain Ambrose Bethal Trant II made his way to the instruments in the wheelhouse which was quite a feat as he was falling with increasing velocity towards a small town somewhere below in the Confederation . He tapped the glass face of the Entropy monitor which, despite the sordid predicament, remained obstinately stationary within the safe levels. ???Completely banjaxed,??? he muttered into the whipping wind, ???have to invest in a newer model when you???re... Read Full Post »

The Secret Meeting

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From MAGI: book 4 Oroboros-chapter 12: The Specter at Newhaven. . .

This is no longer a part of the Magi Series, I have kept it up in honor of the creative process and because its content is still compelling to me...please enjoy it


Aderyn felt an inexplicable sense of foreboding upon entering Newhaven. The city lay like a great pale corpse unde...

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