Art of the Supernatural


Vincent and the Doctor

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First of all, I want my bias of the Doctor Who series to be obvious. It is my beleif that Doctor Who is the most brilliant series that has ever been written, whereas most sci-fi series lose the warmth and heart of other genres beneath cold technology the Doctor time and again dazzles you with its complete genuineness and compassion. The stories are so well tied together that you can go back sometimes several seasons and notice things that foreshadowed maor plot developments later in the serie...

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On Art in Human History

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Art is many things to many different people. To the west it is an expression of abstract thought or to preserve an image of beauty. The Japanese find meaning in the spaces between images and beauty in imperfection. Native Americans use art to tell a story. And artists create art to breathe life and ideas into the world.


Art was the first language of human kind. Its purpose is deeply embedded within our species' soul. It teaches us about the world of the past. It gives us g...

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